Danny Tang

Danny Tang presented his first collection at London Fashion Week in February 2010. Entitled ‘Urban Victorian’ the collection takes inspiration from Queen Victoria yet we are presented with a modern mix of materials, colours and shapes.

Fashion E-Zine: Could you go into more detail about how your collection is influenced by Victorian Fashion?

Danny Tang: In my collection I have a lot of lace and corsetry. Also the colours are very important. If you watch the movie ‘The Young Victoria’ featuring Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt you can see where a lot of my inspiration comes from. A lot of my collection is inspired by the fabric and lace. I draw inspiration from Queen Victoria and urban culture. If you look thru my collection you will see a little bit of PVC and a chain look and flax and I use a lot of fitted tight skin so this is mean by ‘Urban Victorian’. Because my aesthetic as a designer is Ying and Yang; hard and soft; masculine and feminine; if you look at the Victorian style, its long dresses and laces, things they have to wear to impress people at balls. But urban fashion doesn’t work like that these days. Men are waring things that are more feminine and visa versa.

FE: What are the aspects of your collection that wouldn’t have been popular in that time?

DT: Well, some of my dresses are a lot shorter than they would have had in Victorian times. Also, I use a lot of chiffon in my collection that would not have been very popular around then.

FE: What is it about Victoriana that interests you?

DT: In those times the women are very feminine but it is also the beginning of a women’s revolution, you’ve got Jane Austen, Patrice Paulter, and you have Queen Victoria herself. This is a time when women were becoming more powerful.

FE: Do you think your customers are attracted to Victoriana in the same way?

DT: I think my customers are drawn to the romantic feeling of the collection, rather than the specific Victoriana design. If you look at my collection I don’t use a specific Victorian style I just pick some influence and create a modern twist. So when you wear my clothing it wont be a Victorian style clothing, it will be modern and current.