Io solo ho occhi per te. Anatomical Vision of Barbara Vistarini

Her installations come to life in Spazio LINEA until June 15th The first of a series of “Events in the Event” that leads the way towards the New Florence Biennale

Leading figure in the art world, passionate about design and an important past in fashion. If there is a common thread in Barbara Vistarini’s life, it’s creativity. After the premier of the magic-tragic “BUSH” at Spazio LINEA, it has now moved on to show in Photissima Art Fair as part of the 55th Venice Biennale, meanwhile in Spazio LINEA solo exhibition titled “I.S.H.O.P.T.” continues until June 15, 2013. Take a look
This exhibition is the first of a series of “Events in the Event” as an indicator to the New Florence Biennale.

Past and present merge in these works, such as Barbara’s site-specific installations, the project titled “I.S.H.O.P.T.”, acronym of “Io Solo Ho Occhi Per Te” (I only have eyes for you), is a series of works on modulated time, reinterpreting photographic material found in an old family archive. The story telling of a family that moves behind a macro lens, creating a photographic loop that moves with the viewer with a continuous reminder of memories infinitely fragmented and reiterated.

Florence Biennale